Supply chain

The Good Spice wants to keep its supply chain short, only consisting of those who add value to the product. Ideally this means that The Good Spice buys directly from farmers. However, this is not always effective or even possible.

A local entrepreneur who works with a group of small-scale farmers, who knows them, speaks their language, who can collect, select and process the yield and pay farmers without a bank account directly, can provide a valuable contribution to the supply chain. The Good Spice will also often partner with regional organisations with social or sustainable aims and knowledge of logistics, agricultural practice and doing business in the region. These organisations can guide entrepreneurs and farmers in their development towards sustainable export, an important added value of the supply chain of The Good Spice.

Every region has its own specific needs in terms of the supply chain. The Good Spice will try to know every person of the supply chain by name and meet most of them personally. Each of these unique supply chains will be visible on this page to give full transparency, including its value chain.