The Story

THE GOOD SPICE sources high-quality, sustainable spices, with an eye for species variation and regional differences. The richness and depth of their flavours will give you the chance to create mouth-watering dishes with little effort.

The supply chain of THE GOOD SPICE will be short, efficient and transparant. Our prices for the farmers spices are a fair share of the market value and provide a living income. We will work directly together with farmers and local traders, who produce organically. By offering these farmers a better price we want to support them to continue doing so and stimulate them, together with our network of partners, to develop their own product and production.

However, we don’t want farmers to become dependent on THE GOOD SPICE, but to stand on their own feet. Therefore, the spices will be sold under the farmer’s own brand to have an independent and long-term entrance on the European spice market.

Due to the coronavirus we had a lot of delay in really getting started, but the first spice are coming soon and if everything goes according to plan THE GOOD SPICE will open its digital doors at the end of November 2020.