RE-PACK Wild Ceylon Cinnamon


Content: 40 gram in kraft paper bag

This Ceylon cinnamon comes from the heart of Sri Lanka. It is not grown on a cinnamon plantation but is harvested from individual trees on the land of multiple farmers of the Eko Land community. The sweetness is characteristic for well dried Ceylon cinnamon. Special about this one is a warming earthy flavour which is the result of these trees being allowed to fully grow.

Read more about Eko Land and the harvest of the cinnamon here.



In this “Re-pack” the spices will remain good as long as it is closed. After opening, re-fill the The Good Spice  storage tin of your previous purchase, or store your spices in an empty glass jar you still have at home: recycle your waste.

The label will be sent separately so you can still style up your jar and have all the product information you need.

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