Curcuma Longa Lakadong


This turmeric (Kurkuma) is something special. Why? It is the only variation with more than 7% curcumin and unique for the region of the Jaintia Hills. Curcumin is the substance in turmeric that gives it the bright colour and citrus flavour. In addition, it can also give our immune system a boost. The freshness of the powder (not older than a year) allows the floral tones to remain and ensures that you do not have the bitter aftertaste that you often taste in Turmeric.

The turmeric is produced by the female farmer Loitang in the Jainti Hills in Northeast India. Read more about her on and the turmeric harvest here.




The Good Spice always pay 15% above the market price and will not lower the price when market prices drop. This percentage will grow as The Good Spice and Loitang and her community will develop together

The product comes in a nice storage tin with our newly designed labels. Please do not throw them away when finished: next time you can order a biodegradable refill package. Lower price and less waste.

Additional information

Weight 0.120 kg
Dimensions 18 × 10 × 5 cm