Ice ginger coffee

In the mood for a refreshment and coffee? GINGER ICE COFFEE❄☕🌞 . 1/3 ts fresh ginger powder 200 ml coffee Ice cubes Put the ginger…

Turmeric Oat

This breakfast is a really good start of your day! Add the turmeric not only because it is healthy but also because it is sooo…

Update on the first journey

I’m back! And I want to give you an update where I’m standing now. To give a very short summary: ‘the first journey of The Good Spice was a success’!…….. read more

The Journey: The beginning

Currently, THE GOOD SPICE is in a pilot phase. In January, I will travel to North-East India, the region of Assem, to visit several curcuma and cinnamon farmers. But, to take this first step I will need your support………..Read more.