Coconut and turmeric Omelette

Not one of my own but definitely one that is worthy of recommendation: Coconut and turmeric Omelette of Ottolenghi – Flavour. It’s easy, different and fun to eat! And of course, a good quality Turmeric(kurkuma) will make this dish even better!

Vegetable gravy with Mace (foelie)

Dutch cuisine and spices?! When people think about cooking with spices, they mainly associate it with exotic kitchens, not with a classic northern dish for the cold days as ‘stampot boerenkool’ (kale mash pot). But this gravy is a delicious prove that this is not always the case. It will even make your grandfather happy. Read more…….

Turmeric tea

Let’s stay healthy and happy together: make yourself, your roomie, lover, or neighbour some turmeric tea! Ready in 5 minutes….

Chickpea lemon stew

Can’t wait to have dinner with friends again?! This is one of my favourite dishes to serve to friends, the smell and flavours takes you…

Orange Turmeric Cake

No flour in the supermarket but you want to bake? Make a basic cakemix especially good! Add turmeric, orange and a pinch of cardamon. Follow…

Ice ginger coffee

In the mood for a refreshment and coffee? GINGER ICE COFFEE❄☕🌞 . 1/3 ts fresh ginger powder 200 ml coffee Ice cubes Put the ginger…

Turmeric Oat

This breakfast is a really good start of your day! Add the turmeric not only because it is healthy but also because it is sooo…