Coming Soon

The lock-down in Northeast India has finally been lifted for now. And if everything goes according to the plan The Good Spice will open its digital doors in NOVEMBER 2020! Read more…..

The Good Spice

Interested in the spices of The Good Spice? Our first batch of ginger and turmeric will arrive end of November 2020 and will be available through our upcoming webshop.

Are you a business looking for really good, organic and fair produced spices? Send an email and we will get in touch.

The Good Spice will get you incredibly good organic spices, so you can easily make mouth-watering and healthy dishes.

At the same time we give the farmers the value they deserve. And yes, we are talking about more money to the farmers. But also giving them power over their own business.

Sounds logical to you? Unfortunately, this is not the reality of today.

Turmeric tea

Let’s stay healthy and happy together: make yourself, your roomie, lover, or neighbour some turmeric tea! Ready in 5 minutes….

Chickpea lemon stew

Can’t wait to have dinner with friends again?! This is one of my favourite dishes to serve to friends, the smell and flavours takes you…

Sundown GT

Not to bitter or to sweet, this Sundown GinTonic is a really good beginning, middle or end of your weekend.

Orange Turmeric Cake

No flour in the supermarket but you want to bake? Make a basic cakemix especially good! Add turmeric, orange and a pinch of cardamon. Follow…

Ice ginger coffee

In the mood for a refreshment and coffee? GINGER ICE COFFEE❄☕🌞 . 1/3 ts fresh ginger powder 200 ml coffee Ice cubes Put the ginger…

Turmeric Oat

This breakfast is a really good start of your day! Add the turmeric not only because it is healthy but also because it is sooo…

Update on the first journey

I’m back! And I want to give you an update where I’m standing now. To give a very short summary: ‘the first journey of The Good Spice was a success’!…….. read more