Vegetable gravy with Mace (foelie)

Dutch cuisine and spices?! When people think about cooking with spices, they mainly associate it with exotic kitchens, not with a classic northern dish for the cold days as ‘stampot boerenkool’ (kale mash pot). But this gravy is a delicious prove that this is not always the case. It will even make your grandfather happy.

  • 2ts Mace (foelie) preferably grind yourself
  • ½ts Nutmeg (nootmuskaat) preferably grate yourself
  • 1ts Black Pepper – the better the quality the more umami flavour
  • 50gr butter
  • ½ white onion cut in half moons
  • Handful of cherry tomatoes
  • ½ vegetable stock cube

Mace (foelie) is a bit forgotten in Dutch kitchens. I believe it is very worthy of a revival! It’s very rich in umami flavours and can be a contribution to any dish, especially vegetable ones.

Melt the butter in a baking pan, when it begins to sizzle add the cut unions. Bake for a few minutes, then add the tomatoes. Bake them both on medium fire until they become slightly brown and are caramelized (8-10 min). Add the spices stir for around 1 minute or until you begin to smell the spices. – This is when the heath activated the oils in the spices, letting out the fragrance which will increase their flavour –  Add 200 ml of water and the ½ stock cube, let it shimmer for a least 10 min. The longer you let it shimmer the stronger the flavours will be.