UPDATE: Colour between the grey

How am I and The Good Spice doing? It is high time for an update.

Patience has been a key word for The Good Spice in the last few months, however still a lot of things have happened or are about to happen….👇

In the last months I developed new relations with producers in different places of the world who share the vision of The Good Spice. In the coming two weeks multiple samples will arrive.  Time to taste!

🤝Together with designer @jessevandevalk – who also works for @toogoodtogo.nl – we worked hard on the visual identity of The Good Spice. This week I will share the final version of the logo and style. Very curious about what you think of them!

As some of you already know, a few months ago I moved to London for love. The Good Spice will still operate in the Netherlands, as I think the Netherlands is in need of some good quality and fair spices. So, when the corona context allows it again, I will be often in the Netherlands. However, London is a good place to be when you are a spice nerd and I will definitely share some inspiration from this big multicultural city with you (after the lockdown).

And last but not least the new ginger came in last week so I can finally send my rewards to all those who supported the first journey of The Good Spice.

🌶❤So dear Crowd-funders, I hope it was worth the wait and keep an eye on your mailbox. You will be the first to taste The Good Spice spices!!  

If you did join the crowdfunding but did not send me your address and want to receive the sample, please fill in this form: https://forms.gle/oaNHqeXycbfAuLim8