Two important steps

It feels like the world is standing still, but The Good Spice took two important steps. One, The Good Spice officially exists according to the KVK. Two, we made a choice about the first farmers we will work in North-East India. Ginger will come from the entrepreneur Wonber. This kind-hearted entrepreneur works with around 200 smallholder farmers. Already now the more he makes, the more he gives to his farmers. Curcuma will come from a proud female farmer and community leader, Joy Tang. She already grows this high-quality variety (Lakadong) turmeric for thirty years.

Unfortunately, the first shipments are still in India for some required final lab tests, which because of the corona crisis cannot be done yet. But keep an eye on The Good Spice, because you might to able to order these spices at home in the near future. In the meantime, if you want to know what the The Good Spice is really about and what I did in North-East India, check out this short movie.