The Journey: The beginning

Region of Assam in India

Currently, THE GOOD SPICE is in a pilot phase. In January, I will travel to North-East India, the region of Assem, to visit several curcuma and cinnamon farmers, in cooperation with the Indian social enterprise Jeev Anksj. The goal is to meet the farmers and to be introduced to their production methods, which in this region are centuries-old traditional and sustainable methods. In order to be able to maintain their way of farming they need a bigger customer network, that THE GOOD SPICE hopes to provide. In this first stage, we will focus on farmers that are already using sustainable methods, but that are at risk of giving up on their practice for lack of a stable income.

 The curcuma in one part of this region is known as the best quality in the world, because of its high percentage of curcumin (above 8%), which is the substance that gives curcuma its colour and flavour. Also, in this region a flavourful variety of cinnamon is grown which is not for sale in Netherlands so far. Soon you can read more about these varieties on this website.

If their agricultural methods are sustainable and the flavours rich and of high quality, I will buy around twenty kilograms (nine pounds). I will test whether these samples will pass European standard for hygiene. When they’ll stand this test, I will use the samples to find interested customers within the food industry: from restaurants to bakeries, from brewers to chocolate or tea-makers. When the interest is there, I will start to import more spices. And THE GOOD SPICE will no longer be a dream but a reality.

But, to take this first step I will need you support. First of all, I hope you will follow me on my journey with interest, advice and connections. Transparency is one of the keywords of THE GOOD SPICE, so I will tell you my every move. To finance my journey (ticket, travel cost for four days, purchase costs and export certificate) I will start a crowdfunding campaign, which is launched on Wednesday the 6th of November and end on Christmas. I hope to raise € 1500 before that time!

Of course, you will receive a reward for your support. To join the Crowdfunding and to see what the rewards are click on the link.

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Let’s start a new way of spice trade together!